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The Power of Belief

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

Let me tell you the story about this picture. Because what you do not see are the things that transpired to actually capture this moment.

Lola (my converted van) and I screeched to a halt at the first rest centre I found to my right on Highway 97 to Kelowna, BC.. Jumping out, flip flops scuffing across the pavement with each quick step I take. Camera in one hand, keys in another.

I hear the train fast approaching and think to myself, "Damn I'm going to miss this shot, I'm not gonna make it to a clearing."

It was at this moment I mumbled to myself Henry Ford's words, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.". I leaped into sprint mode as my flip flops struggled to keep up with my mad dash of hope. Over a grassy patch, a makeshift bridge, and a clearing that would allow me to steady the camera and capture the train head on.

Not only did I have time to adjust the aperture and angle on the camera. I realized if I only had a little more height it could make the perfect shot. With a swift kick to dislodge my flimsy flops I climb the base of a monument bare foot to create the perfect catch. The train is getting louder, the lights are growing brighter. My heart is thumping my breathing is still. My finger is posed and click, click, click. Eye to eye with the conductor as he blows the horn in celebration. Not sure if he knew just how I got to this place I’m standing. Far more then just this moment really. Which probably confirms Henry Ford’s quote even more so.

With my flip flops haphazardly laying on the ground, Lola's ignition off but lights still on. I realize others sitting in a jeep not far from where I sped in. They probably seen the whole thing transpire. But what they did not see, my self talk leading up to this shot. The split second when I thought I couldn't but decided I would.

This story could have played out in two very different ways. And not in the ways you are thinking. I could have given up and missed the opportunity, 100%. Or, gave it my all in hopes to get it but risking still missing it. You see what matters most was that I gave it my all. In this case I was rewarded cuz the shot actually came out not so shabby.

Even if I missed the shot running like a crazy lady, throwing her shoes off, climbing things you shouldn't. At least I could be satisfied knowing I tried my best and gave it my all. To have tried and failed holds a very different feeling of never trying at all.

So go out there today and give it your all. That is what our monthly focus is all about. Being UNDAUNTED even if uncertain. You never know it may just work out and perhaps even better than you thought. So many unexpected things have come my way just from trying, let that gift come to you too.

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Jess Fraser

Life & Transition Coach

Author, Blogger, Podcast Host and Retreat Facilitator

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