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& Group Coaching

The Program is limited to 10 people 


6 Week Virtual Group Coaching

You'll brave the messy and imperfect. Touching your dreams a little bit each day. 


One day at a time, one page at a time.


This virtual group will help you start on those long standing goals. Create motivation, complete and celebrate milestones. Then help you work through the tough stuff when motivation is not enough.

All while forging a positive routine, connections and support with like minded individuals.

Go Time!

When We Start

November 14th to December 19th, 2023

Tuesdays 7-8pmEST

Group Virtual Hourly Group Sessions

We meet weekly for 6 weeks to help you set a routine and find some early success to help you keep moving fowards.


The features and extra bonuses below come in handy for the inbetween times to keep you connected to your goals, me as your coach, your accountability partner, and  your group.

Week 1 Prep Work - November 13th

Week 2 Weekly Worksheet - November 20th

Week 3 Accountability Partners - November 27th

             (Special Session - Invite a Loved One to Join Us)

Week 4 Routine Check-In - December 4th

Week 5 What's Working - December 11th

Week 6 What's Next - December 18th

Courage to Change - The Mindful Goal Setting Journal

6 Hourly Virtual Group Coaching Sessions

Weekly Email Check-Ins


Weekly Reflection Worksheets

Peer Accountability Partners


Bring a Love One Session

Private What's App Group

Extra Bonuses

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Recorded Guided Meditations


Right to Your Inbox

$100 VALUE



30 Minute

Private Virtual

Coaching Session

$100 VALUE


FREE Journal Kit


Courage to Change Journal

Hand Carved Wooden Pen

Leather Bookmark

Mantra Card Packet


$100 VALUE

October 27th,

October 27th,


FREE Gift for the completion of the course




If you've fully embraced the journey, engaged in every session, poured your heart into the peer collaborations, and tackled your homework head-on, and still don't see the transformative changes you expected, send me your completed journal and work within 30 days, and I'll gladly return 100% of your investment. That's my ironclad guarantee of your Courageous Transformation!

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Goal Share Blueprint

From skeptic to supporter, we've got you covered! This Free 5-Page Guide and Worksheet will help you master the art of sharing your dreams with loved ones, even when met with resistance.

  • What if my goals disrupt my family? Should I avoid doing them to keep the peace?
    This is the number one fear for people when making change, so you're not alone. If you're concerned that your goals might disrupt your family dynamics or cause tension, it's important to approach the situation with care. I've actually prepared a valuable resource to help you navigate this scenario effectively. My Free 5-Page Guide provides strategies and insights on how to communicate your goals with loved ones, even in the face of potential resistance. It's a powerful tool designed to support you on your journey to achieving your aspirations while maintaining harmony within your family. Feel free to access it and reach out if you have any further questions or need personalized guidance.
  • The Peer Accountibility Partners makes me nervous, what can I expect?
    Feeling nervous about Peer Accountability Partners is completely normal. Here's what you can expect: Selection Process: In Week 3, I'll guide you through a selection process to help match you with a partner(s) who aligns with your goals and preferences. This process is designed to ensure compatibility and support. Supportive Pairing: Your partner is there to offer support, encouragement, and accountability. But also to help you celebrate milestones too (which too many of us forget to do) It's a two-way street, so you'll also play a crucial role in supporting your partner's journey. Structured Check-Ins: You'll have regular check-in sessions with your partner to discuss progress, challenges, and goals. These sessions are structured and guided to ensure they are productive and beneficial. Enhanced Accountability: Having an accountability partner can boost your commitment and motivation, as you'll both be working towards your goals together. Flexibility: While the partnership provides structure, it's flexible enough to adapt to your unique needs and schedules. Remember, the purpose of Peer Accountability Partners is to enhance your overall experience and progress toward your goals. Overcoming initial nervousness often leads to a valuable and supportive relationship that benefits both you and your partner on your journey. I have also found that these accountability groups stay active and last long after our group ajourns (again there is not pressure to do so).
  • What is "Special Session - Invite a Loved One to Join Us" in Week 3?
    This is where you can bring a loved one as a guest to WEEK 3's virtual Coaching Session. We will include them in the weekly email with access to join that week's session from whereever they are in the world. They will be a part of our group that week, where they can learn more about your goals and be a part of your support plan. This is on top of your Accountability Partner from the group. It is so much better when done together.
  • Do I get a copy of your book if I register?
    Yup! Courage to Change: The Mindful Goal Setting Journal is the focal point of your kit and also a tool used during our time together. So you will learn how to best utilize this journal for your own goals and also have first hand access to me. So you can ask any question about your journaling experience as you go.
  • What changes can I expect in me?
    WARNING: Be prepared for an increase in enrergy as you start to see change taking place. This will usher in a fresh sense of confidence, less worry and stress. Have you standing a little taller and finding your voice in situations you once shied away from. . . dreaming bigger.
  • What will the homework be like between sessions?
    Your homework between sessions is entirely customized to your needs and capabilities. In Week 1, we'll craft a personalized plan that aligns with your specific goals. Your daily journal entry in the Courage to Change Journal (included in your kit) will only take about 5 minutes each day, helping you gauge your daily capacity and break down your homework into manageable steps. It's not about doing it all at once – everyone's schedule and circumstances are unique. The goal of your homework is to consistently and effectively progress towards your goals. Additionally, it's perfectly normal for your homework plans to evolve between sessions. Embrace the unplanned and let these changes guide you to where you need to be each week for meaningful progress toward your goals.
  • When would I start to “see” changes happening?
    You'll begin to notice changes happening in the very first week, in small ways. These changes will become increasingly recognizable with each passing week, gradually becoming more noticeable as time goes on.
  • Do you offer session materials for us to review or complete before the next session?
    Yes, I provide a comprehensive weekly email that includes everything you need to prepare for and feel comfortable during our sessions. This email will be your go-to resource, containing: Meeting links, what to bring each session and tech support info Electronic prep sheets for those who prefer to complete them before each session Session reminders, tools, and documents from prior sessions Access to our guided meditations, conveniently available within the email This centralized resource is designed to streamline your experience and ensure you have all the necessary materials and information at your fingertips. You will also get session reminders emails, the day of, 1 hour, then 10 minutes prior so it is at the top of your inbox. Helping to remove any stressors about this group coaching. You have enough to worry about.
  • Do you teach me how to face triggers & doubt and then I go away to practice?
    Yes I have you covered here too. You will be provided you with valuable tools, strategies, and insights on how to face triggers and doubt effectively. This is also sprinkled throughout your Courage to Change Journal (included in your kit) to help you work through these too even when we are not together as a group. Your homework also comes in handy here as it is done during your evryday life where this all happens. Remember mastery comes with practise. It will not always be perect, especially in the beginning. What is important is that you keep applying and adapting your learnings as you go.
  • How many people would be in group coaching sessions?
    My groups coaching sessions typically consist of between 6 to 12 people.
  • Can I remain off camera and nameless? Will I gain the same benefits?
    In short the answer is no but please read to the end. This is a group emersive experience which means that not only you but the group will benefit most when all participants are present on camera and learn one another's name. It is incredible the amount of trust gained within the the first couple of sessions. It is also not uncommon for many to develop relationships that last long after our time together (but there is no pressure nor expectation to do so). This adds to creating personal experience and braving volunability, bring many benefits towards you and your goals. It is also important to note here that all participants will be reminded in WEEK 1 that what is discussed during our sessions is confidential. If there are an safety concerns regarding this, please reach out to me directly and we will find a unique way to ensure your perosnalized experience and safety.
  • I’m nervous, what are the benefits of being in a group setting?
    Supportive Community: You'll be part of a community of individuals who share similar goals and aspirations. This network can provide encouragement, understanding, and motivation. Along with accountability and celebration. Diverse Perspectives: Group sessions bring together people with different experiences and viewpoints. This diversity can offer fresh insights and solutions to challenges you might face. Accountability: Knowing that you're part of a group can enhance your commitment and accountability to the program, making it more likely that you'll stick to your goals. Shared Learning: You'll have the opportunity to learn from others' experiences, successes, and setbacks, which can accelerate your personal growth. Empowerment: Overcoming nervousness in a group setting can boost your confidence and help you confront other challenges in your life. Structured Support: This group is guided by me. Which I am very experienced in facilitating and providing guidance, structure, and valuable resources in a group session. Remember, it's natural to feel nervous at first, but many participants find that these group dynamics enhance their overall experience and contribute significantly to their progress.
  • Do you put people with similar issues together so everyone can relate?
    The common thread for the entire group is that everyone is focusing on creating change within their lives. The accountibilty partner(s) which are issued in WEEK 3 can support more specific commonalities.
  • Is it important for me to listen to others’ issues so I don’t feel alone in my battles?
    Yes, it can be highly beneficial to listen to others' issues in group sessions. Feeling that you're not alone in your struggles can provide several advantages: Empathy and Support: Hearing about others' challenges can foster empathy and a sense of support within the group. This shared understanding can be comforting and encouraging. Validation: Listening to similar issues can validate your own experiences and feelings. It can help you realize that your struggles are normal and shared by others. Perspective: Hearing how others approach and overcome their challenges can provide valuable perspectives and potential solutions to your own issues. Inspiration: Witnessing others' growth and progress can be inspiring and motivate you to keep working toward your goals. Reduced Isolation: Feeling connected to a community can combat feelings of isolation and loneliness, which are common when facing personal challenges. While it's essential to maintain a balance between listening and sharing, engaging with others' experiences can be a valuable part of your personal growth journey within a group setting.
  • Will I get results faster doing 1:1 or group sessions?
    In private sessions (1:1), the focus is solely on you, allowing for highly personalized guidance and immediate attention to your unique challenges and goals. This individualized attention can lead to faster progress in some cases. On the other hand, group sessions provide a supportive community and the opportunity to learn from others' experiences. While progress may be slightly slower due to the group dynamic, many participants find that the collective wisdom, shared insights, and accountability in group settings ultimately contributes to significant and sustainable growth. Ultimately, the choice between 1:1 and group sessions should be based on your specific needs, comfort level, and goals. Both options can be effective; it's a matter of what aligns best with your preferences and objectives.
  • Is there a cost difference between 1:1 vs. group sessions?
    Is there a cost difference between 1:1 vs. group sessions? Absolutely! By opting for group coaching, you'll be saving over 75% compared to private coaching sessions. On average, a 50-minute private coaching session typically ranges from $170 to $190 per session with me. Group coaching offers you an affordable and effective way to access valuable support and guidance on your journey.
  • Does my 30 Minute Private Virtual Coaching Session Expire
    Your private session is available to you from the start of your program until 30 days after the close of our group's 6 weeks together.
  • What happens after 6 weeks?
    After the initial 6-week journey, you have several options: Continue with the Next Courage to Change Group: You can choose to stay on this transformative path by seamlessly joining the next Courage to Change Group. This allows you to maintain the momentum you've built and continue progressing through the next month of your Courage to Change Journal, ensuring consistent growth and support. Explore Upcoming Accountability Groups: We have monthly accountability groups on the horizon, including in-person and virtual options starting in January. Stay tuned for more details. Consider Private Coaching: If you're looking for a deeper dive into your personal journey, we can explore the option of private coaching sessions. Independently Forge Ahead: Alternatively, you can choose to continue your journey independently, knowing that our groups and support are available whenever you need them. You are in control of your path, and there's no pressure to commit to anything. Ultimately, you know what's best for your continued growth, and our goal is to provide you with options that align with your needs and aspirations. We're here to support you every step of the way.
  • What if I do not see that change I was hoping
    If you've fully embraced the journey, engaged in every session, poured your heart into the peer collaborations, and tackled your homework head-on, and still don't see the transformative changes you expected, send me your completed journl and work within 30 days, and I'll gladly return 100% of your investment. That's my ironclad guarantee of your Courageous Transformation!
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"Jessica was grounding and honoured everyone’s current place.

I left feeling empowered knowing that change is small and I do have the power to make those changes."

—  Holly Hunt

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