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FREE Gratitude Event

Giving thanks to eveyone that has been

a part of my Life Coaching Journey


Nov 8, 2023
3rd Annual

Hosted My Jess Fraser

We'll enjoy one another's company and reflect on your 2023.  Finding thanks through reflective activities where we'll share and hold the space for one another. There'll also be a meditation,  some socializing and sharing of what they'd like for 2024 too.

This is a family event so please feel free to make this a virtual party with the ones that you live with or want to invite. Kids of all ages will have some fun too!

What's Your Story 2023

The 1st Annual Gratitude Event
November 8, 2023

In this virtual event we will cover

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Meditation with Jess Fraser


If you have never experienced a meditation with Jess before, check out her Podcast called Your Inner Vitality that has monthly Mindful Meditation Moments.  Each month we explore a different meditation for you to quiet the mind, empower and ground.

Jess offers varies meditations during her coaching sessions for clients when needed and has also offered recorded meditations for them to use in-between sessions.

Check out the Podcast Now


7:45pm Doors open - pre social

8:00pm WELCOME (we will be starting on time)

8:05pm Group Intros

8:10pm Year in Reflection

8:15pm Reflect 2023 Activity & Breakouts

8:40pm Special Guest

8:55pm Future focus 2024 & Breakouts

9:15pm Wrap up

9:20pm Visual meditation


Annual Workbook

What's Your Story

NOVEMBER 8, 2023

Happy Artist


"I just loved this event. It allowed me to reflect on the past year, on both the challenges and what I am grateful for. I also set some pretty amazing goals for next year. The entire event flowed well and the stretch with Jenny in the middle allowed everyone to get up and moving a little, but also allowed me to feel more relaxed.

If you haven't tried one of Jess' workshops/events, you have to try. They are totally life changing. Thanks for everything you do Jess."

—  Heather Thorburn

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