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Jess Fraser

Certified Life and Transition Coach

Aside from this career I've carved for myself, like you I wear many different badges. I’m a mother, daughter, wife, dedicated bookworm, even an adventurous dreamer.  I understand the intricate demands we balance in life, while honouring our passions. Life’s discomfort and messiness is where we find our greatest opportunities for change. Your path shouldn’t be a lonely journey and regrets need not be a part of the equation. Our lives are meant to be lived fully.

Now is the time to embark on your own passionate pursuit. Let me help you courageously pave the path you crave.

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Starting with My Why

In my deepest and darkest mental health struggles I found the bravest parts of me. Though back then I did not see it that way.  It was actaully this very moment that encouraged me start living my dreams and to also become a certified coach.


This passion video is symbollic of my progress, strength and celebration.

I'd love to help you find yours too. Let's start living your dreams. 

This video will introduce you some pretty incredible people.

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