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Jess Fraser

Certified Life and Transition Coach

Aside from this career I've carved for myself, like you I wear many different badges. I’m a mother, daughter, wife, dedicated bookworm, even an adventurous dreamer.  I understand the intricate demands we balance in life, while honouring our passions. Life’s discomfort and messiness is where we find our greatest opportunities for change. Your path shouldn’t be a lonely journey and regrets need not be a part of the equation. Our lives are meant to be lived fully.

Now is the time to embark on your own passionate pursuit. Let me help you courageously pave the path you crave.

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My Purpose

Empowering individuals to break free from the shackles of stress, overwhelm, and self-neglect. I exist to guide those who feel lost, stretched too thin, and drowning in the chaos of life. My purpose is to inspire a transformation from merely existing to truly living, embracing authenticity and purpose.

My Mission

At Your Inner Vitality, my mission is to provide a sanctuary for individuals buried under the weight of life's challenges. I stand as a champion for those who've lost themselves in the struggle, offering a roadmap to a life characterized by purpose, consistency, and joy. I'm dedicated to:

Eradicating Overwhelm: Empowering clients to worry less, stress less, and navigate life's complexities with a consistent, steady rhythm.

Authentic Living: Guiding individuals to rediscover their authentic selves, break free from societal expectations, and live a life aligned with their true desires.

Empowering Change: Equipping clients with the tools to initiate and sustain positive change, even when faced with resistance from within or external skepticism.

Breaking the Cycle of Self-Neglect: Offering support to those who have been tirelessly championing others but find themselves neglected, lost, or depleted.

Strategic Transformation: Providing practical strategies to overcome overthinking, create actionable plans, and stay motivated on the path to personal growth.

Navigating Family Dynamics: Addressing the fear and uncertainty surrounding change within family structures, ensuring that personal growth is embraced and supported.

Community and Support: Fostering a supportive community where individuals realize they are not alone, and together, we can overcome challenges and celebrate victories.

At Your Inner Vitality, I believe that everyone deserves a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Through personalized coaching, guidance, and unwavering support, I'm committed to helping my clients rise from the depths, reclaim their identity, and thrive in the life they were meant to lead.

Starting with My Why

In my deepest and darkest mental health struggles I found the bravest parts of me. Though back then I did not see it that way.  It was actaully this very moment that encouraged me start living my dreams and to also become a certified coach.


This passion video is symbollic of my progress, strength and celebration.

I'd love to help you find yours too. Let's start living your dreams. 

This video will introduce you some pretty incredible people.

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