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Jessica Fraser Photo credit  Baris Alkis

Jess Fraser

Certified Life and Transition Coach

It was in a breath stopping unexpected sequence of family struggles that held a tale full of love and fear, mental illness, cancer and ultimately herself experiencing the greatest sense of breaking down before breaking through.  


Her valuable lesson learned was that no matter the struggle you must go through the mud and feel all that it must teach you; the good, the bad, the feared and the unknown. It is in those moments that you truly learn who you are and how to cope. Also, it is in those moments of discomfort that you grow the most. Within your mess there is a message.


Jess witnessed courage before being able to embody it herself. Your journey does not have to be a lone venture. Nor is it meant to be filled with regrets but to be lived fully. 

Jess is a certified Life Coach through Co-Active Coaching and an active member of the International Coaching Federation. She is mom, daughter, wife and dreamer.  It is not unusual for her to have mutliple books on the go and is always learning and finding ways to grow.


It is your time to disrupt the usual and make meaningful change.

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