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Life & Transition Coaching

Your Coaching journey with me

It's NOT right for you if you . . .

1. Are seeking someone to do the heavy work for you
2. Want to continue living in the past

3. Cannot find 1 hour every two weeks to meet
3. Not willing to take accountability for where you are right now
4. Wanna talk but not do the walk

5. Not open to experiencing new things
6. Refuse to allow your inner strength to shine through

It's right for you if you . . .

1. Are ready to make change even if you're not quite sure what that is yet
2. Want to live life, like really live life. Not just existing. Not just getting by, or settling
3. Would like to worry less and stress less
4. Rediscover who you authnetically are

5. Want to find something to look forward to

6. Willing to find ways to champion yourself

Therapy vs. Coaching

The Benificial differences


  • Set goals and organically explore

  • Work through your present and future

  • You are creative, resourceful and whole

Traditional Therapy

  • Diagnose and prescribe

  • Work through your the past

  • What is broken, not working



Empowerment Session

1 hour virtual or over the phone session

Get to know one another

Sample a bit of coaching

Answer any questions you may have

See what options would be best for you

I will be in touch with you soon

to book in a time that works with you.

Enjoying the Nature


"I have attended coaching with Jess for about 8 months, and I highly regard and recommend her. I was not sure what to expect as I am new to the personal coaching concept. I am so grateful for this experience, Jess has helped me achieve so many moments of clarity, and so much personal and professional growth! Helping to find balance, organizing and working through personal relationships all while feeling that I am achieving my goals. Never feeling judged or advised, but always understood and encouraged. Thank you!"

—  Terri Schlaiss


Try Before You Buy
Coaching Guarantee

If are not excited about coaching with me after our first session together, your session's on me. No further commitments, no money lost. And I would be happy to help you find someone who you think would be a more ideal fit.

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