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Hey There!

Welcome to my digital space!
Whether you arrived here through a friend's recommendation or discovered me via my guided journal, podcast, blog, or social media channels, I'm truly grateful that you've chosen to explore this corner of the internet with me. Your presence here means a lot, and so does your exploration.
The site is laid out to optimize your time and help you find what you're seeking right away. So enjoy poking around; there are a number of ways to stay connected and I hope that you do.
Looking forward to sharing more meaningful content and experiences with you.

I'm Jess.

Jess Fraser - Life and Transition Coach

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As a coach, I specialize in guiding individuals through transformative journeys, helping them break free from the chains of worry, stress, and inconsistency. Many of my clients, much like you, come to me feeling stretched too thin, grappling with the overwhelming feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day.


I am here to assist those who seek something more, those who want to live authentically and with purpose. Whether you're struggling with the mass of information out there, feeling like so many things are out of your control, or facing the challenge of starting and staying motivated, I'm here to provide support. From letting go of the old, navigating changes within your family, to overcoming the fear of the unknown.


Want to find the time for meaningful change? I can help you create a plan and stick with it. Together, we embark on a journey towards genuine living, where you no longer feel alone, overwhelmed, or stuck in a cycle of unfulfilling routines. Let's transform the "what ifs" into empowering actions and rewrite the narrative of your life.

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Gain Access to Free Tools & Resources

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