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Burning My Bridges

Well, my current world seems to be falling in sync with this year’s annual theme in ways I had not really anticipated, “Be Brave, Not Perfect”. Do you follow me on Instagram (@yourinnervitality)? If so, you may have seen my Bridge Series posts near the tail end of the year. Well, let’s just say I crossed my bridge with a lit match in hand; but before I set everything a blaze, perhaps I should pause and rewind a bit.

It really does have me wondering if deep down, 6 months ago when I set this 2022 theme, if the universe knew we were going to need it or more honestly me. This theme jumped out at me while reading a book. No surprise there, right? From a bonafide book geek there are many things I get from my reads. When I had my nose in the pages of this one the world shook a little. Not because the book connected to what I’m experiencing now. But because the words brave and perfect seemed to be an oxymoron in the same sentence.

That same vibration returned a couple of times afterwards, but I continued to suppress this unsettling ache deep within my heart. Was this a foreshadowing oxymoron in my own life? Perhaps I should provide the definition of oxymoron: a figure of speech in where the words contradict one another. My 8th grade teacher taught us this word. Mr. Rogers then challenged that if ever one day we seen him on the streets and could share the definition of this word to him he would give us twenty bucks. It’s funny the things we don’t forget. I’m still waiting to bump into him, more than anything to see how many other of my fellow classmates remembered this same bet.

See how easy it is to sidewind into another place to avoid the painful. The definition of oxymoron at the end of the day does not really matter or the memory connected to it. It’s just a tactic to prolong the inevitable reason for this story in the first place.

When I rang in the New Year my world shed that familiar quiver yet again before it came to a point of no return. Though I am not completely clear as to when this all happened or how. All the specifics seem irrelevant now. It all seems so long ago and really a bit of a blur. Though I don’t really drink if feels like a constant hang over. These shakes now seem to come uninvited at pretty much any moment it pleases, as I process my crossing of this bridge.

It is with shakiness that I’m not quite able to articulate yet all what I am working through in my world. But there are some lessons I have learned already without having to fully be on the other side.

1. Being brave does not always feel good but can do a lot of good.

2. Patience and not rushing through the process will help you bring others along the way too.

3. Communication is not only a spoken form. Much of it is nonverbal, so be mindful and present.

4. Then lastly and probably my most profound lesson is this one. The end outcome may not always turn out the way you expect. It could be better or worse but what we play out in our mind may never ever happen.

Let’s just say I thought without a doubt that when the time came to cross my bridge, I was not only going to set a blaze to the bridge behind me but set the whole damn forest too. As I crossed that bridge a gust of wind blew out the flame and supported me every shaky step of the way. Though I know I am not fully in the clear and there is still much to process. What I do know out of all of this is that being BRAVE is not always easy and can damn well be the scariest thing you ever do. Also, there is something magical in the imperfect of my situation. I don’t fully see it all yet or know what it all is. But there is comfort in just being and trusting a little in the unknown. In reflection, I have BRAVED before in the past and it has yielded things I never ever imagined. So, for that I trust. Where have you braved before and good has come of it?

Now I think it is also important to note that I am not doing this alone. Even a coach has a support base that they lean in too. So, what are you braving right now or wanting? Then who is that support base to help you through that process? If you need any help setting up this circle of support, please check out some of the below links and I am always here to help you set this up too. It is better when done together.



See definitions in:


  1. 1.

a structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle.

"a bridge across the river"

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