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When you think of a superhero what first comes to mind are the the big screen Marvel action figures with their ninji like abilities, some that are very much hotties! There is something about these superheros that make them seem invincable. Even in their moments of weakness they give us hope because we know deep down that they are truly strong enough to get through it and save the world. We relate to their vulnerability. Their determination, will and strength motivates and inspire us. However as I desending back to earth from my world of make-beleive I am humbled by a realization. Superheros surround me everywhere in my everyday-so-called, normal life. Until more recently I did not realize that these heros hold that same magical emotional pull. I admit I thought they were immortal and very much invincible. Though I know that sounds insane or strange for which I cannot explain other than denial! What, no one told me my mom was human! Who is one of your superheros? It was not until my breath was taken away with the thought that my mom was mortal. My superhero/goddess is mortal! This makes her and all my time with her all that more precious. Mom I remember the day I told you, after a really hard week of tears in high school, I was thinking of dropping out in my final year. When I went to my first house party you made sure I had $20 in my sock for a cab just in case. How about when I was at my most vulnerable? Sitting at the kitchen table in front of a warm bowl of soup after one of my most embarassing moments still to date. The cheese and Manase sandwiches for my lunches were the highlight of my afternoons. You made these for us after a long day's work at 3am, we had long ago already gone to bed. Raising daughters by yourself in the peak of our teenage craze. You did it with such grace and continue to still inspire me with your independence and strength. You are uncomplicated and beautiful. Very much all that I want to encompass. Whenever I think of my mom my heart flutters. Even more then for those hotties in the spandex and capes saving the world on the big screen. I hope that one day I can be someone's everyday superhero.  Perhaps even make some hearts flutter. Maybe my little girl's........ who is not so little anymore. How will you share your gratitude for one of your superheros? Pass this message on to someone you think would like this reflection and follow me on Facebook and Instagram or my website: 

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