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Courage to Change Journal

The Mindful Goal Setting Journal

This journal will help you set your goals with clarity and focus, so that you can not only start with courage, but experience the shifts you crave, one smart (courageous and creative) step at a time.

Why This Journal Was Created

Why do we feel that our dreams have to be

packaged away like a separate life?

One life on its own can be exhausting enough. But two?

I am not sure if this is where you are or feel like you are headed.

But the Courage to Change Journal

helps you fuse your dream life into one. 


Here is what I have learned: once you start infusing these two

lives together, sparks start to fly, and that exhaustion and disconnect
starts to dissipate. You start to see evidence of your dreams/goals everywhere. From this place of alignment, anything is possible.
Wherever you are in your story, it is exactly where you need to be.

I know that you have heard phrases like this before . . .

What may be different this time

is that you have me by your side

and the Courage to Change Journal too.

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Build a Stellar Journaling Routine

  • Free Downloadable Daily Journal pages

  • Tips to create your routine

  • Expanding your understnding of journaling

5 Day Journal Challenge

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Brave the messy and imperfect

Set Goals with clarity and focus

Start touching your dreams daily

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