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Please accept my warm welcome to your journey. Click on the video to get started.


I'll be your  Guide.

your journey awaits...



Enjoy the Podcast


Come as you are, I will meet you where you are at.


Pre - Worksheet


What I Hope to Gain from this Journal

What was the reason that drove you to purchase this journal in the first place?  It is usually from a source of pain or desire. Utilize this you enter what you hope to gain from this journal. However, this document provides some helpful suggestions. I also introduce you to some real people too.

Pre - Worksheet


My Goals

Short and Long

This activity will have you dig deeper into each of your goals, breaking them down and getting specific. It will also have you attach your desired outcomes. I also encourage you to connect your bucket list if you have one.


Daily Worksheet


What is My Intention for Today

How we start our day directly impacts how our day plays out.  Taking a moment to set your desired tone prevents you from mindlessly moving through out your day and instead helps you move towards what you want most for yourself.

Daily Worksheet


Today's Positive Affirmation

This will help you understand what a positive affirmation is and how does it work. There are tips on how you can create your own and a list of them which you are welcomed to use or tweak. Let’s get your juices flowing in creating your own amazing affirmations.


Monthly Worksheet



Entry Tally

Why is it important to track your missed and accomplished days? Well missed days tend to hold judgement and a sense of failure and accomplished days do not always hold the deserved celebrations. This activity helps remove that judgement, assist with course corrections, and will have you recognize your accomplishments, and to celebrate them too.


What's Next?

Together Hybrid Coaching Program


This 6-week hybrid program offers a unique combination of private one-on-one support and group coaching. Creating a community where you can share, celebrate, be accountable to and to learn from others.

The Journey

Will Continue.

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Compass - transparency.png


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