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This Intentio Bracelet Making Kit is focused on creating Connection with yourself, others and what matters most to you. You can use this creative tool as a way to create, infuse and remind you of your intention.

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For those wanting to disrupt the usual and make meaningful change. 

Your Inner Vitality Podcast

Welcome to my ultimate road trip across Canada as I chug along in my converted van named Lola and kitty, Mandy. Hitting up book stores along the way. Planting seeds of courage through conversation and sprinkling a little bit of love as we explore and play.


See videos of Podcast interviews, learn more about coaching and support with making meaningful change.

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This virtual group will help you start on those long standing goals. Create motivation, complete and celebrate milestones. Then help you work through the tough stuff when motivation is not enough.

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This guided journal will help you set your goals with clarity and focus, so that you can not only start with courage, but experience the shifts you crave, one smart (courageous and creative) step at a time.


Here you will find useful reads in the form of stories, self help and other inspiration to support you along your journey.

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