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Limited Edition
Connection Bracelet Making Kit

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Your Bracelet Making Tutorial

Our paths crossed at a downtown market in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where Jill was showcasing her jewelry and Jess was exploring the West Coast during her across Canada adventure. Our spontaneous connection led to us igniting the creative spark of this woven collaboration.

How We Met

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Getting Started

Your intention bracelet is a wearable accessory that's designed to help you focus on and manifest a specific intention or goal in your life. Here's a brief description of how to set and use an intention bracelet:


Setting Your Intention:


Choose Your Intention: Start by identifying a specific intention or goal you'd like to work on. It could be related to personal growth, relationships, health, career, or any area of your life.


Keep it Positive: Frame your intention in a positive and affirming way. Instead of saying "I want to stop feeling anxious," you could say "I intend to cultivate inner calm and peace."


Make it Specific: The more specific your intention, the better. Define the details of what you want to achieve. For instance, if your intention is about career growth, specify the position or role you're aiming for.

Write it Down: Write your intention down on the intention card provided here in your kit. Be clear and concise in your wording. This step helps to solidify your intention in your mind. Then you can place this card in your wallet, on the fridge, visor of your car, bedside table or as a bookmark.  Anywhere you can see it regularly.


Using Your Intention Bracelet:


Purchasing your Bracelet: There was something that drew you to this Intention Kit. What was it?


Cleanse the Bracelet: Before wearing the bracelet, consider cleansing it to remove any unwanted energies. You can do this by placing it in sunlight, moonlight, or using cleansing rituals like smudging or crystals.


Set Your Intention: Hold the bracelet in your hands and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Visualize your intention clearly in your mind. Imagine what achieving your goal looks and feels like.


Infuse the Bracelet: While holding the bracelet, repeat your intention aloud or in your mind. Focus on the energy and emotions associated with your intention. Imagine those qualities transferring to the bracelet and then into you.


Wear the Bracelet: Put on the bracelet and keep it on as much as possible. It serves as a visual reminder of your intention throughout the day.


Daily Affirmations: Whenever you look at or touch the bracelet, repeat your intention or a positive affirmation related to it. This reinforces your commitment to your goal.


Stay Mindful: Throughout the day, whenever you find yourself facing challenges or distractions, take a moment to touch the bracelet and refocus on your intention.


Express Gratitude: As you make progress toward your goal, express gratitude for the positive changes that are occurring. Gratitude enhances the energy you're putting into your intention.


Remember, the power of an intention bracelet lies in your belief, focus, and dedication. It's a tool to remind you of your aspirations and guide your thoughts and actions in alignment with your deepest desires and goals. Keep a positive mindset, be patient, and allow the bracelet to serve as a catalyst for positive CONNECTION in your life.

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Reflection Worksheet

The Electronic Reflection Worksheet is your digital companion, designed to enrich your bracelet-making journey. Tailored prompts and thoughtful questions will guide you in exploring the deeper layers of your intentions, ensuring that each bead and thread becomes a meaningful expression of your personal story. Use this tool to infuse your creative process with purpose and reflection, enhancing the depth and significance of your bracelet-making experience.

Join Us

Our Private Facebook Group - Our Intention Collection, is your space for sharing and celebrating your bracelet-making journey. Connect with like-minded creators, seek and offer support, and enrich your experience by exchanging intentions and artistic insights. Join us in this collaborative space, where creativity and community beautifully converge.

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Your Inner Vitality

Woven Stone Co.

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