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Pay-As-You-Go Career Transiton Support




1 - 50 Minute Session

About the Package

This package takes a consultant approach, focusing on specific areas related to career transition during the session. The main areas where clients commonly require support include personal branding, networking, resume and cover letters, and interview preparation. Together, we review your existing materials, and I offer feedback, tools, and resources to enhance your opportunities.

Your Coach

Jess Fraser

In the realm of Career Transition, Jess has experience working with businesses that are restructuring and supporting their employees' impact. She helps impacted employees during their transition journey, moving their focus from adjournment to new beginnings. Jess has also been on all sides of transitioning, from Human Resources to Recruiting, Training and Development, Leading, and ultimately experiencing restructuring herself. It is an emotional roller coaster and can also feel like an isolated journey. Keeping in mind that, career transition is not always influenced by company restructuring; there are many phases in which this support can be helpful, from contemplation to preparation for change. Jess has helped many individuals at all levels of transition.

Jess Fraser
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