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This group talk will support you through the process of redefining your business on your own terms. Jessica Fraser of Your Inner Vitality is a highly respected Life and Transition Coach as well as veteran in the fitness industry. Together we will get messy in an interactive session to discuss how you are pivoting your business to allow your business to work for you. What is your business's new normal, where do you fit in and how you will compete while staying confident and agile. This is an opportunity for self-discovery, inspiration and idea creation in networking with like minded individuals and guided by your coach.

Designed by fitness professionals For fitness professionals

Registration Includes

Bonus #1 Reflection Worksheet 

  • As an aid to help you get the juices going before the talk

Bonus #2 Post Talk Workbook 

  • Containing activities specific to what comes up in our talk

Bonus #3 Private Facebook Group

  • Continue sharing, reflecting and networking

​Only $25 CAD

Exclusive to Fitness Professionals of


Your Inner Vitality

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Life and Transition Coaching

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